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Company : Soteco Interntionl

Engineer :  Hasan Said Salem

Soteco : ACompany Specialized In Development And Modernization of Industries good problem solution essay topics for college .. And has extensive experience and good knowledge of  the arab & I talian Markets Providing assistance and expertise to companies those like to deal in this markets .

As  well as working to address  the Problems of  the environmental online essay writing service uk contamination such as dust .

Subsided Crushers in Factories Mines and all of dust sources .. We suspense dust indoor and outdoor by using Our Nozzles System .. Either by Spraying  water with air forming  cloud very small drops,  its size about 5theessayclub.com https://writemyessayrapid.com/ mlcrons .. Or Artillery Water Pumping System susbesing dust – smoke – odor or – toxic . We Cooperate With Italian Compnies

Soteco Represnts The Italian Company Frac Which Manufactures Burner And All Burning Systems For Clay Bricks And Rooving Tiles Furnaces Also Converts The Solar Burnin System Into Gas Burning Gas System .

Soteco Cannon – Used for agriculture irrigation & Spraying Medicine  by spraying water over  long  distances covering about 130.000  square meters In 30 minutes these  cannons are supplied with soteco nozzle which forming very small drops of water about 5 microns each drop .

Soteco Cannons are also use removing dust toxins lingering in the air  – Firefighting  – Refresh the atmosphere on hot summer days on beach and other open places .

Soteco Bag Filters .

Are made in different size used to Temove Dust – Toxic Gases – Odor From Factories Like Cement – Chimical – Grinders – Marble – Tanneries

Pasta & Rice Mills – Ceramic And Industries Dust Toxins Outstanding In Open And Closed Areas .

Makamirs For Making Coal 

Makamirs are the Primitive way To Make Coal Causing Pollution and unpleasant odor covering a very large area soteco Charcoal Kilns .

Soteco Manufacturing Ovens Producing Charcoal of good quality and have no damage or contamination to the surrounding areas and does not affect the Health Of Their Employees .

And Pro Ducing Charcoal In Only 24 Hours ( While Makamirs Producing in one full month )

And transfering smoke To Bitumin which will be sold .


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